Esther’s Story

Growing up in the Netherlands, I always dreamt about all those exciting places on the other side of the horizon.
However, I never thought that I would wind up living in some of them, like Egypt, Germany, Brazil, Korea, or China.
Each move was an adventure and gave me opportunities to do fascinating things and meet interesting people.

Along the way, I developed skills and interests that led me to a very different career than I expected to have.
I started as a translator in Dutch, French and Arabic. But soon I found out that I needed to learn more languages to really be able to deeply enjoy all the countries I live in.
In the early years of my life as a trailing spouse, I also found that translating websites can be very boring. And also, in the year 2000, websites looked messy. I decided to take courses in Webdesign and build pages myself.

At that time I started using photography to enhance the websites I worked on, and soon after, I would not leave the house without my camera.

In the countries I lived in, I tried to connect people, cultures and communities. By translating and building websites and communities. In my current hometown, Suzhou, I founded, a platform for international people. Lots of fun!

And I practise photography.
China is an amazing country for photographers. Nature in China can be stunning.
I am a people person, which is the main reason I have a passion for street photography. I love to capture stories, and also that split second in time that will never be repeated – sometimes I am able to capture it.
Because Chinese people are so pure and open – often you can read their story in their eyes – China is a paradise for me.

Please enjoy my projects!